Rockstar Games has hired a team of 20 engineers that works exclusively on GTA 6’s water physics, introducing surfing for the first time in the series
Without doubt, GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated game recently. However, there have been multiple of rumors and leaks hovering on the internet about this game.

We have reported earlier about the leak of GTA 6 Map, which claims to be three times bigger than the predecessor (GTA 5). And of course, the said game is expected to be announced on the 17th of May as the leak claims.

According to the leak, the whistleblower also said that this map not only includes cities, but also some wilderness areas, and the labels on the map are very detailed and highly authentic.

On the other hand is the rumor which claims that GTA 6 to be the most expensive game in history, production costs about $2 billion.

According to Dexetro Gaming, "GTA 6" is likely to become the most expensive game ever, with a production cost of between US$1 billion and US$2 billion, including the start-up funds for game production and development, as well as the expected marketing cost sharing in the future.

And now, there's this rumor flying. GTA 6 might introduce surf again after over 23 years of Rockstar releasing such game, which was only available for PS2. Of course, this news brought so much joy for gamers.

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